My Community.

Miss W,

My community is really nice, It is in North Carolina,  And  If you were to visit here you could get by with English but if you knew Spanish that would really help. If i were you i would come in late spring or summer,It is beautiful, and the type of clothing you would need is shorts, tank tops, and clothes that you would wear for hot weather. I would reccomend you to go to Carowinds witch is an amusment park and waterpark it is about an hour away from here, it is really fun, and kid friendly. I would also reccomend you to go to Dan Nicholas Park, it is really nice, there is a small animal zoo, a nice park, a long walking trail through the woods, it is very nice and relaxing, and a lake where you can take paddle boats on, witch is really nice, and it is not very far away.  This is our community.

3 thoughts on “My Community.

  1. Kyli,
    This sounds like a great place to visit. I love short walks in the forest or woods – lovely trees to sit under to read or just relax.

  2. @Miss W,
    Thankyou. And yes i do to, and Dan Nicholas Park is a wonderful place to find something to do like that.

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