Love (:

This is a quote about love.

This is a quote about love.

Heart- Represents Love.
Heart- Represents Love.
           Love, There are two types of love,Physical, and Emotional, but three stages of love.
           Physical is one type of love and it is how you are atrratced to someone, Emotional is the other type of love and that is the feelings you have for that other person.  The three stages of love are the same for everyone: lust or romantic feelings, physical attraction, and emotional attachment. The stages of love aren’t necessarily separated by markers like anniversaries or events (such as getting married). Rather, the three stages of love blend together in one long stroke of love. 
Romantic feelings or lust is the first stage of love. Romantic love is driven by testosterone and estrogen. Mating is the evolutionary purpose of this stage of love; it creates strong physical attraction and sets the stage for emotional attachment. In this stage of love, endorphins soak your brain and you’re immersed in intense pleasurable sensations. Your lover is perfect, ideal, made for you. In this stage of love you feel exhilarated and even “high” (similar to the feeling you get after you eat really good chocolate or have a great workout). You feel infatuated in this stage of love.
Physical attraction and power struggles make up the second stage of love (the “lovesick” phase). You may lose your appetite, need less sleep, and daydream about your lover on the bus, during meetings, in the shower. In this stage of love, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are racing through your body and brain. You’re also trying to shape your lover into your ideal partner – which is where the power struggles come in. In this stage of relationship, you’re becoming more realistic, and you two may fight about things like whether or not to buy organic food or listen to country music. The infatuation is wearing off, a strong emotional attachment begins to set in, and feelings of infatuation fade.
Emotional attachment or unconditional acceptance is the third stage of love. Emotional attachment involves commitment, partnership, and even children (a fear of intimacy prevents many from reaching this stage of love). In this stage of love, you’re aware of both positive and negative traits in your partner, and you’ve decided you want to build a life together. Confrontation is most likely to occur in this stage of love (though if you’re authentic and honest, it’ll also happen in the second stage of love). You and your partner will either work towards a healthy, loving relationship or decide to call it quits (Pawlik-Kienlen, Laurie).
There is also this thing called “tough love” it is a expression used when someone treats another person harsh, or sternly to help that person out in the long run. It is like when a Mother punishes her Son for stealing a video game from the store, she punished him because if she didnt she knows that he will think it is ok to do it and it could lead to something worse like robbing a bank. So she used “tough love” she was stern with her son and punished him to help him out in the long run.

          Love takes more from you then anything else does. To have and make a good relationship it takes, honesty, trust, sympothy, happiness, aggreements, good communication, forgiveness, good attitude, responsibility, fairness,  and support. The other two are based on something different whitch follows up under “Physical Love”, Limits, and to not base your whole relationship on sexual activity only. You need all of these to have a good and happy relationship.

          Complicated love, love is very comlicated and at many times it will be hard. There will be arguements and fights alot and about many different things. Love can never get satisfied with a partial commitment. Love demands your full attention and all your energy. 
 It is not therefore love that is so complicated but mainly us that can not live up to its expectations. We tend to believe that words will make up for our lack of devotions, and sex will solve all our shortcomings in a relation. Unfortunately, love is much more than physical satisfaction and beautiful words. As an example, marriages often suffer from open truth. Most men and women would tell you how hurtful their partner is. This always occur after two people know too much of each other. It is the time when the nice words and the sex can not make up for all our flaws. It is the time when partners do not try to hide their personal disappointments as they do not receive what they bargained for. It is the time when truth is said to hurt because we are feeling cheated by love. In reality, love never fails us. We fail love.  We jump into relationships without being sure of how strongly we love the person, and if we are ready to commit. And when we fail, we just jump to a new one without resolving the issues that made us fail the first one. So, is love complicated? Not really. But we, humans, are. We have so many issues, work related, family related, our differences, our religions, our beliefs, our fears, and all our expectations. By the time we enroll ourselves into a relationship, our mind is already so full that we do not take time to think and realize what we are signing for. We push ourselves forward in the heat of the moment ( Ndong Frederick).

         This walk i call Life, and Love is the bggest part of it. – Deanna Mascle







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Medical Rescue Mission (Green’s science class)

Lyme’ Disease, it has been found that 7.9 cases for every 100,000 people is the ratio of the infection. In the ten states where Lyme disease is most common, the average was 31.6 cases for every 100,000 persons for the year 2005. Lymes disease is most commonly found in North America and Europe but is growing fast in the US.  The cause for Lyme’s Disease is a blacklegged tick. Nymphal and Deer Ticks get onto your skin and bite you and that is how you get Lymes Disease, and Nymphs are the size of a poppy seed. The disease causes symptoms of Fevers, Headaches, and Fatigue.  To treat Lyme’s Disease you have to take a few weeks worth of antibiotics. That is my journal entry on Lymes Disease. (:


Jason gets shot.. Jason is Mann’s Brother. He was seven, playing on the front porch and next thing you know, hes gone. A boy at school, named Rock was talking about Jason in front of Mann, and Mann got in a fight with him, because of this fight Mann gets kicked out of school. Mann is really good friends with a boy named Kee-Lee and Kee-Lee is really bad into drugs and since Mann is upset about his brother getting shot, Mann starts doing drugs with Kee-Lee. Kee-Lees friend Moo-Moo gets shot, and now hes gone too.. Mann’s mother is taking the passing away of Jason really bad and its so bad she has to leave and go to Kentucky, so she can get better.. The reason father is sending her away is because she acts like Jason is still there she makes his birthday cakes on his birthday she makes his bed everyday and cleans his room, and acts like he is still there. When she leaves Father takes Mann and Kee-Lee on a Camping trip after about two days  Father leaves them there all alone and does not come back. Kee-Lee and Mann eventually find there way back home several days later. Mann and Kee-Lee go stay with Kee-Lees aunt. While they are there Kee-Lees aunt makes them go get her money and on their way there they get jumped by six guys. They get to the girls house that owes Kee-Lees aunt money and the woman didnt have her money and Kee-Lee was high, and he wanted it and said he isnt leaving without it, Kee-Lee hits the woman and starts beating her, but they get the money and go back to his aunts house.

This color makes me feel….

Certain colors make you feel certain ways…

Pink makes me feel classy.

Red makes me feel daring.

Blue makes me feel gloomy and down.

Yellow makes me feel happy (:

Green makes me feel bold.

Black makes me feel dark, scary.

Oarnge makes me feel tropical(:


Teen Pregnancy

Pregnant girls at young ages or boys that are gonna be a dad at, 14, 15, 16, and even 17, i know girls at all of these ages who are pregnant or were pregnant at these ages and i know guys  who are dads or are gonna be or were dads at these ages. This is a really big issue for many different reasons. And i think the main four would be, Money problems, or a Job, or Family, or Education. All of these can be affected in a big way from teen pregnancy. Money Issues- You might not have the money to pay for the baby, you probably cant afford a baby at 14, 15, 16, or 17. Family- you could lose family because they dont like the fact you are pregnant at this young of an age, or you may just not have the family there to help you. Job- You probably wouldnt be able to get a job because of you having a baby, because you wont have time for one, and that goes back to the money issues. And Education- this is a big one, you need education you need to learn, but with a baby you will start missing days, or you just wont have the energy to go, or you might not have someone to watch the baby, or you will just start getting really bad grades.I have seen all of these things happen. It is possible. You lose alot of things from teen pregnancy but you also gain something really joyful. It is possible to wait and have something joyful though, because having a baby at young ages ruins some parts of your life for some poeple but then some people can also keep it the same, you just have to know how to have a baby and still be able to go to school and have a job so you have the money to raise the child and work around different things.

Animal Abuse!


How do you feel about animal abuse?…

I feel that animal abuse, and animal cruelty is terrible, it is so mean! and there is no need for it. It is just a horrible thing to do. So… What would you do if you were driving down the street and seen someone abusing an animal?

Well, this happened to me the other day actually, i was riding in the car and i turned to look out the window and came to see a grown man was beating a dog, hitting and kicking the dog, it was so sad. I told my mom to look and we slowed down, and she just thought it was horrible, then we thought twice about calling Animal Control. We Did. Two hours later, we recieved a call back, and a woman said “The dog is in horrible condition and if we would have called any later than we did, things could have been real bad, the dog would not have made it.” It is a good thing that we called animal control because animals should not be treated this way! What would you do if you seen this?…. Hopefully the same thing as we did, it is the best thing you could do! Stop Animal Abuse.

Here is a link, you can check out. It is more about animal cruelty and animal abuse, and stopping it. This really does need to be stopped.

My Community.

Miss W,

My community is really nice, It is in North Carolina,  And  If you were to visit here you could get by with English but if you knew Spanish that would really help. If i were you i would come in late spring or summer,It is beautiful, and the type of clothing you would need is shorts, tank tops, and clothes that you would wear for hot weather. I would reccomend you to go to Carowinds witch is an amusment park and waterpark it is about an hour away from here, it is really fun, and kid friendly. I would also reccomend you to go to Dan Nicholas Park, it is really nice, there is a small animal zoo, a nice park, a long walking trail through the woods, it is very nice and relaxing, and a lake where you can take paddle boats on, witch is really nice, and it is not very far away.  This is our community.

Confusing 8th grade!

Eighth grade, alot of stuff was confusing about eighth grade.the confusing kids at school, talking about confusing things, the same old confusing things they talk about everyday. the confusing teachers, teaching about confusing things. confusing, confusing, confusing. everything was so confusing, why couldnt anything make scense for once? the confusing school with confusing people. the confusing people with confusing words. the confusing words with confusing letters. everything is just too confusing.